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Since 1999 NISA has
organized several
highly successful intelligence
The conference papers
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More NISA Conferences in 2014 !

'Social Media Intelligence (SocMint): Intelligent? No Borders? The Egg of Columbus? Raising Expectations? Risks, Challenges and Opportunities?'

Conference organised by the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association
on 7 March 2014 at the
Royal Netherlands Navy Barracks Kattenburgerstraat 7, 1000 BA Amsterdam

The opening keynote speech will be delivered by Sir David Omand, GCB,
and professor in the War Studies Department at
King’s College, London



"Telling Truth to Power: the Past, Present, and
Future of Military Intelligence"

A new International Intelligence Conference
by NISA and the Netherlands Defense Intelligence
and Security Service (DISS/MIVD) in 2014

Marking 100 Years of Military Intelligence in the Netherlands

NEW! First Draft Program


Het congres zal plaatsvinden op donderdag 18 en vrijdag 19 september 2014
op de Marinekazerne te Amsterdam.

The conference will be held on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 September 2014
at the Marinekazerne (Navy Barracks) in Amsterdam.

The Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association (NISA), in cooperation with the
Netherlands Defense Intelligence and Security Service (DISS),will organize this conference
in commemoration of 100 Years of Military Intelligence in the Netherlands.

Aanleiding van het congres, dat wordt georganiseerd door de NISA in samenwerking
met de Militaire Inlichtingen en Veiligheidsdienst MIVD, is de herdenking van
100 jaar militaire inlichtingen in Nederland (1914-2014).

Het thema van de conferentie is/Theme of the conference is:
Telling Truth to Power: the Past, Present, and Future of Military Intelligence.

Het congres is opgedeeld in vier (dag)delen, met de afzonderlijke thema's:
There will be four seperate conference parts with the following themes:

1. The World at War, 1914-1945
2. Cold War, Intelligence War
3. Intelligence in War and Peace(keeping)
4. Military Intelligence: Perennials and (new) Paradigms


This first announcement will in due course be followed by more detailed information!

NISA's 20th Anniversary Conference
succesfully concluded

The Future of Intelligence:
Threats, Challenges, Opportunities

Closing remarks Chairman NISA

The NISA 2011 International Conference on The Future of Intelligence closed last Saturday afternoon, 28 May 2011. This conference marked the 20th anniversary of NISA. I am proud to note that in the 20 years of its existence NISA and many of its members have contributed substantially to the evolution and maturing of intelligence and security in The Netherlands, of its institutions and of intelligence and security studies at academic level. NISA itself has developed into a well established network which continues to grow to date. Its members are involved in many research projects, as well as in academic programs at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Defence Academy and -in the near future- at the University of Utrecht. I am also happy to note that many of the security institutions in The Netherlands now do recognize NISA as a useful organization and support our activities. I think this conference on the Future of Intelligence is proof of that

Looking back at the event itself, my personal impression is that we have had a good and lively conference with high quality speakers coming from a great variety of backgrounds. I also quite liked the mixture of formats with plenary sessions, mini-panels, workshops and debate. The closing panel debate was, I believe, an excellent example of this. Moreover, judging from the lively conversations and discussions during breaks, the conference provided an excellent opportunity to informally exchange views and expand networks of all involved.

NISA is grateful to the distinguished speakers and the conference chairman who participated in the program. It is after all their contribution and their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with us, which have made this conference a very interesting one. Many of them have travelled considerable distances to be with us. We thank them very much for that and look forward to working with them in the near future.

NISA is particularly pleased with both the high number as well as the great variety in backgrounds and affiliations of those who attended the conference. We thank all of them for taking an interest in our programs and we hope to see many of them again in the near future. On behalf of NISA I sincerely hope that the conference has also met their expectations as an audience.

Lastly, a conference like this would not be possible without a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of large group of NISA members: moderators, rapporteurs, board members giving back-up support and of course the Organizing Committee. On behalf of NISA, speakers and conference participants it is my privilege as well as my pleasure to say 'thank you' to all.

Joop van Reijn, Chairman NISA

A large part of the conference program was recorded on video.
Click on the picture above for a choice of eight
separate videos

Nieuwe NISA publicatie in de maak: Sporen van spionage

Van de hand van NISA-leden verschenen al eerder de bundels Duister Den Haag en Duister Amsterdam. Deze boekjes namen de lezer mee langs prachtige gevels waarachter in het verleden iets met spionage, contraspionage of andere activiteiten van inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten van doen is geweest. Nu zijn Den Haag en Amsterdam niet de enige steden in Nederland waar het inlichtingenwerk zijn sporen heeft nagelaten. Door heel Nederland zijn er lieux de mémoire te vinden die getuigen van verleden spionageactiviteiten. Om in die leemte te voorzien zijn enkele leden van de NISA momenteel bezig om tot een dekking van heel Nederland te komen. Onder de werktitel 'Sporen van spionage' worden uit alle twaalf de Nederlandse provincies plekken, plaatsen en panden uitgelicht waar activiteiten van spionage hun sporen achter lieten.


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